New Styles!

New into store this week is…


Name: Stag; Pattern no. 273717; Price per roll: £12.99

Taking advantage of a prominent trend in home fashion, Rasch have produced a new pattern that is sure to be a hit. Featuring a shimmering ivory background furnished with glittering silver stag’s heads. It gleams and glints; a picture in glitz and glamour. An on-trend, contemporary style that is surely a must-have!

Name: Graffiti; Pattern no. 291407; Price per roll: £8.99

Looking for a multi-coloured graffiti wallpaper at a reasonable price? Look no further; this new offering from Rasch UK fulfils those needs, and then some. It is perfect for a child’s bedroom or for a feature wall in the right setting. Bursting with colour and attitude, it should be the only thing on your mind when looking for that street art finish.


Name: Starry; Pattern nos. 891300, 891301; Price per roll: £18.99

Here at LWP we are positively starry-eyed over this new offering from Arthouse. Available in white or grey, this shimmering style really lights up a room. It features a collection of shining stars organised over an eggshell sheen background. The subtle glitter finish adds an extra element to this debonair showstopper.

Name: Sweetheart; Pattern nos. 891400, 891401; Price per roll: £18.99

Dovetailing brilliantly with the ‘Starry’ pattern,’Sweetheart’ is both stylish and glamorous. It translates the aforementioned concept into a heart design that uses a beautiful display of colour. Along with the shimmering background and subtle glitter tones, you have a superstar in the making!

Name: Piedmont; Pattern nos. 291401/2/3; Made by: Arthouse; Price per roll: £22.99

Also from Arthouse we have a collection of high quality vinyls full of life and exuberance. Arriving in three colourways (chocolate, gold and pewter), these real-look cracked skin textures offer an elegant and authentic design solution for those looking to create a bombastic scene in their home. Well priced and understated, they are sure to be popular.

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