Special – Sanderson

Sanderson is one of the UK’s leading design specialists. They represent the classic English company; full of heritage, with a clear commitment to uphold the traditional values that this country is famous for. Their influence does not stop at our shores, however, and their products are loved around the world. For over 150 years they have consistently set high standards in their professionalism and quality.

In 1860 Arthur Sanderson began importing French wallpaper to sell on the UK market; a relatively new line of product at the time. The immediate interest allowed the company to flourish, and after a few changes of premises they finally settled at their own factory in Chiswick, London in 1879. They remained here until 1902, and the factory itself survived until 1928, when it was destroyed by a fire.

They established themselves as designers as well as suppliers, with a reputation for using traditional English designs and materials in their production process. They made early innovations in their design and production processes, enhancing their burgeoning reputation. After Arthur Sanderson’s death in 1882, his three sons John, Arthur Bengough and Harold took control of the business. One of their biggest achievements to date came in 1924 when Arthur Bengough was awarded with a Royal Warrant as the ‘purveyor of wallpaper and paints for George V’.

The values that underpinned Sanderson’s initial foray into design and decorating still exist today, and can clearly be seen in the way they operate in the modern era. They still use English-inspired designs, and continue to make innovations in the way they produce their products, and the way in which they use colour. They draw on the varied creativity of different contemporary designers, whilst also using the work of artists and many historical documents to create a diverse selection of ‘modern and directional design ideas for modern living.

Their headquarters are based in Denham, Buckinghamshire – a versatile complex responsible for the majority of their operations including the studio, their customer service lines, their sales, promotion and marketing teams and many other facets of their company. They are responsible for some of the leading designs in the design market, particularly in the UK, and remain on of the most respected figures in the industry. Sanderson are part of the Walker Greenbank PLC group along with other notable brands such as Morris & Co. and Harlequin.

Their products range from wallpaper to a number of different home decor items including fabrics, furnishings, accessories and ornaments. Their wallpaper designs include bold stylised florals, classic English chintzes, plain textures, smart stripes, trellises and small scale motifs, and are always designed to be on trend and relevant with the times. They are renowned for being full of pattern and colour, and most of their work whilst fitting with their respective periods also has the rare quality of being timeless.

Sanderson have been supplying and designing wallpaper for over 150 years, and their influence on interior design and decorating shows no signs of waning. They are responsible for some of the most iconic wallpapers in production today, and they will no doubt continue to shape the world of design for many years to come.


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