Making a Masterpiece

A few pointers for painting like the pros…

Prepare & Protect

The first step in any task: preparation. Grab those tools, cover up the furniture and have a look at the surfaces you’ll be working on. Make sure all walls and ceilings are suitably smooth, and use a primer to cover dark colours or blemishes. You might want to clean up the walls as well for a more effective surface for bonding.

Then, of course, there is the small matter of choosing your paint. There are hundreds of shades to choose from at LWP, and we can even mix up shades tailored to your needs. We offer taster pots so you can try before you buy, and feel free to have a good look at our Little Greene stand!

The Right Tools for the Job

Paintbrush or roller? Grid or tray? Plastic or canvas? It’s important to use the tools that you feel comfortable with, and of course those that are best for the task in hand. Rollers are useful for covering large surface areas, and can be bought with extension poles for those hard-to-reach areas. Canvas covers are more malleable and generally last longer, and paint grids, whilst slightly more fiddly  to use, are generally a cleaner way to apply paint to your brushes and rollers.

Where to begin?

Choose your starting point; and stick to it. Whether you begin with trim, walls or ceilings, make sure you have a clear plan in mind. This is useful when you are taping off edges and corners, thus giving you the best coverage. Make sure you mix enough paint so you aren’t left short and don’t suffer from varying shades. And if you can’t face all that washing up, you can wrap up your brushes in cling film to keep them fresh, ready for painting the following day!

Paint, repeat, Paint, repeat…

It’s important to apply enough coats for a proper finish. To avoid streaks and brush strokes, its useful to carefully re-apply paint to a previous area, with little pressure to give you a smooth, consistent finish. Make sure you have covered edges and there are no gaps or blemishes. It is important to take your time, don’t be afraid to complete the job over two or three days. And when you’re done, clean up after yourself!

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Have a nice day!





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